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what we do

We develop ultra-realistic and customized Virtual Reality experiences for b2b.

Real Time VR

We make real-time, room-scale VR simulations, employing a combination of stunning realism and business intelligence tools.

3D Contents

We produce custom libraries of hyper-detailed 3D objects and environments, optimized for the VR experience.

VR Rooms

We design and arrange impactful rooms where VR can be experienced as a user or as a spectator, by integrating high-end HMDs with professional projection systems.

our products

ShelfZone is a retail space simulator. It reproduces shops, supermakets and even malls with stunning realism.

Freedom of movement while in VR allows to appreciate spaces, category management solutions, and mall domination projects. It can be used as a natural extension to a planogram editor, overlaying data onto products, shelves, and zones. Thanks to user behaviour analysis while in VR, it allows to design new systems for e-commerce and market research.

Italian Popai Award 2016Winner Category Technological
Innovation - In Store Technology
Italian Popai Award 2016Winner Best in Show
Italian Popai Award 2016Winner Critics’ Choice

CarZone is able to reproduce a whole showroom in the space of a few square meters.

It can be set up inside traditional outlets, temporary shops, or public spaces. The client can interact with the car, explore its interiors, select his or her favourite configuration and save it. Every choice is monitored and linked to business intelligence and e-commerce systems.


ResiZone reproduces real estate environments in VR, allowing the user to freely move through the scene, interacting with furniture, finishes, and lighting.

Thanks to binaural audio ResiZone can render the sound ambience of a room, and simulate the effect of soundproofing systems. ResiZone enables to create showrooms thousands of square meters in size and to fit them in a small room or a 4Ă—4m booth.



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