inVRsion will be at Euroshop 2020

Virtual Reality, Smart Retail, Real Results
At Euroshop 2020, inVRsion will exhibit a new way of conceiving Retail space and conducting in-store activities

For the first time, inVRsion will be attending Euroshop. The World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from the 16th to the 20th February 2020 and will see 2,300 exhibitors from 60 nations and visitors from 140 countries.
8 are the featured retail dimensions, with all the trends and topics that are moving the future: Expo & Event Marketing, Food Service Equipment, Shop Fitting & Store Design, Lighting, Refrigeration & Energy Management, Retail Technology, Visual Merchandising, Retail Marketing.

inVRsion will be at Hall 11 E09. Book a free VR demo at our stand here!

inVRsion will be showcasing its ultra-realistic Virtual Reality simulations, enabling brands and retailers to conduct their in-store activities in a more time and cost-effective way.

Immersive Virtual Reality simulation of a store with 3D products

inVRsion recreates existing or future stores with incredible realism through VR. It simulates retail spaces of any kind and size, from proximity stores to huge malls, from away-from-home environments to grocery stores, from beauty to fashion and luxury shops.
It remodels layouts and simulates any in-store activities, from the positioning and validation of POS material and extra displays, to communication in store and promotional activities, to category management and trade marketing.
By testing their projects in VR, clients can avoid any impact on physical stores, preventing wrong implementations and accelerating the go-to-market of the already validated options.

Supermarket in Virtual Reality

inVRsion’s simulations are so realistic that even the shopping experience can be simulated, allowing the user to “navigate” the environments, customize elements and interact with products and assets in real-time.
The different in-store solutions can be validated from the shoppers’ point of view by conducting research with VR, also integrating biometric and neuroscientific devices. Eye-tracking, GSR (galvanic skin response) and EEG (electroencephalogram) enable to study shoppers’ in-store navigation and path-to-purchase, in order to validate different flow and merchandising solutions. Promotional and communication activities as well as new packaging can be put under the shoppers’ lenses to see which message or design catch shoppers’ interest.
By deeply understanding their customers, businesses can implement solutions that meet their preferences, thus gaining a competitive edge over competition.

Path-to-purchase through VR headsets' position tracking

More engaging training sessions can also be conducted in VR across different business functions or activities even in different locations at the same time.

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