inVRsion’s 3D Commerce Compliance Tools

inVRsion provides sneak peek into its upcoming CPG contents publishing programs and asset checker validation tools.

inVRsion’s COO Fabrizio Dini and SKUs Supervisor Marco Pizzoni describe how these programs and tools will enable CPG brands and retailers to directly publish their SKUs into inVRsion’s Software ShelfZone.

inVRsion’s ecosystem tools together with real-time asset creation guidelines will streamline 3D content creation so that 3D contents will be deployed into a DAMS (Digital asset Management System) and be ready to use.

“During our asset production we understood that, in order to scale-up and build consensus within the CPG industry, we needed to open our authoring digitization process.

We had to provide our clients with complete autonomy over the creation and management of their digital SKUs. For this reason we are currently developing an automated DAMS.

The client will be able to import their source files (3d model, materials, textures…) used for the Digital Twins creation, and an automated asset checker tool will then analyze all their parameters and give back a validation with our pipeline.

The SKUs compliance to our authoring digitization process will be automatically imported into our archives, receiving inVRsion and 3D Commerce validation.

These certifications will grant the possibility to use the SKUs within inVRsion software’s web application Shelfzone Studio and other e-commerce platforms, ensuring that the representations of products will be experienced realistically and consistently across all devices and platforms.”