Sneak peek from 3D Commerce Working Group

The Khronos Group’s 3D Commerce Working Group provides sneak peek into the upcoming Real-Time Asset Creation Guidelines for Retail and Ecommerce.

The Khronos® 3D Commerce™ Working Group is working to build industry consensus around guidelines, standards and certification programs to streamline 3D content creation, management and deployment for e-commerce, including online ads and search results. The Working Group has the support of over 80 industry-leading retailers, technology vendors and manufacturers.

In one of its first deliverables, the Working Group has published a sneak peek at the upcoming guidelines by releasing a high-level summary of the topics that will be covered—including file formats, coordinate systems, geometry, materials, textures, lighting and publishing targets. This summary has been published in Markdown on GitHub under the CC BY 4.0 license.
Khronos is inviting feedback, suggestions and contributions from the industry to help guide and improve the full guidelines. The outline guidelines can also be downloaded as a PDF.

Source: The Khronos Group website, “Khronos 3D Commerce Working Group provides Sneak Peek into Upcoming Real-time Asset Creation Guidelines for Retail and E-Commerce”.

Read the full announcement by Khronos here.