Art exhibition “IhaveaVoice” against women violence

“I have a Voice” is a community made by women for women and was born as a response to the numerous requests for solidarity and support to give them the “voice” they deserve.

IhaveaVoice began as a simple Facebook page in 2018, following the nth harassment suffered by the founder during an evening walk in her city. Shocked by the episode, which unfortunately was not the first, she just wanted to scream her anger, to change the world. She went home, opened his computer, opened a Facebook page and wrote her first post.

Over time the page has grown, has told the stories of many women, has fought for many causes, has helped many women, has supported petitions and awareness campaigns on fundamental issues.

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, 25th November,  Ihavevoice inaugurates an art exhibition to raise awareness on this issue.
The works on display are all by female artists and investigate the objectification of the female body, physical and psychological violence, the pain of the victims. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos and prints involve the audience, offering a shared message against gender violence.

The works should have been exhibited in the evocative Sala Montani of the Casa dei Diritti in Milan with the patronage of the Municipality in the Palinsesto dei Talenti delle Donne, but the COVID emergency made it impossible for the event to take place. The exhibition was then converted into a virtual one, involving the artists themselves through videos and dynamic images displayed on the website and social pages by Ihaveavoice.

The works on display are on sale in the virtual Gallery, on the Ihaveavoice website, specifically designed to support female artists. It will also be possible to buy a series of postcards depicting the works with matching poems.

Contacts IhaveaVoice:

Instagram: @ihaveavoice_official
Twitter: Ihaveavoice_TW