Khronos releases new glTF PBR 3D material capabilities

The Khronos Group releases a set of new Physically Based Rendering material extensions for glTF™.

The Khronos Group is an open consortium of over 150 leading hardware and software companies creating advanced, royalty-free, acceleration standards for 3D graphics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, vision and machine learning.

The Group has just released a set of new Physically Based Rendering (PBR) material extensions for glTF™.
glTF is Khronos’ royalty-free format for widespread, efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models, known in the industry as the ‘JPEG of 3D’. PBR enables developers and artists to achieve photorealism through rendering parameters that correspond to real-world physical properties of materials in 3D assets. These new extensions for Clear Coat, Transmission and Sheen build on the existing PBR capabilities of glTF 2.0, and together with additional upcoming extensions, are creating a powerful, interoperable, physically-based material model for the glTF ecosystem.

Existing core glTF 2.0 PBR materials define parameters for Base Color, Metalness, Roughness, Emission, Normal Map, and Baked Ambient Occlusion. This creates a powerful, yet simple to implement PBR model for high-quality, visually realistic 3D assets that are portable to any rendering API and viewer, while being scalable to suit the capabilities of diverse platforms including mobile devices.
The Khronos 3D Formats Working Group is now expanding glTF’s core PBR capabilities by releasing material parameters in glTF extensions for Clear Coat, Transmission, and Sheen.

Source: The Khronos Group website, “Khronos releases wave of new glTF PBR 3D material capabilities”.

Read the full announcement by Khronos here.