February, 03

Q&A – inVRsion’s solutions

Retailers nowadays are facing many challenges and are moving to a reorganization of their networks, which could even entail new acquisitions or an accurate restyling and remodeling, being both time and cost-heavy. The digitization of assortments and stores together with the adoption of virtual reality technologies helps CPG industry and retail fulfill the evolutionary process while cutting costs and risks.

January, 08

inVRsion will be at Euroshop 2020

For the first time, inVRsion will be attending Euroshop, World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair, from 16th to 20th February 2020 in Düsseldorf.
inVRsion will showcase its ultra-realistic Virtual Reality simulations
, enabling brands and retailers to conduct in-store activities in a more time and cost-effective way.
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at inVRsion’s stand, Hall 11 E09.

November, 26

Augmented Virtuality to test context influence on perceptions

inVRsion developed an “Augmented Virtuality” experience to test how the environment a person is in affects how a food product tastes.
By putting on a VR headset integrated with a ZED Mini stereo camera, the user can see his hands and real food through the camera, but everything else is replaced by a virtual environment, that can be changed to see how it affects product perceptions.

July, 10

inVRsion with The Khronos Group to create a 3D commerce standard

inVRsion has joined The Khronos 3D Commerce Working Group and will work at the creation of a 3D commerce standard.
The company has enhanced its digitalization pipeline with a patented system based on AI and Computer Vision, making it faster, scalable and cost-effective and allowing the automatic acquisition of products in 2D/3D formats and data.

June, 27

Two prizes at the Retail Institute Award 2019

inVRsion stands out at the Retail Institute Award 2019, the 12th edition of the prestigious contest by Retail Institute Italy.
inVRsion’s project “Virtual Reality Solutions for Retail”, competing in the category “Digital Engagement & Pure Digital” has won the first prize within the category, and has been awarded “Best in Show”, being considered the best project among the competing ones.