What you can do

Our solutions drive your business towards Digital Transformation, helping you optimize your activities across different business units.


  • Study different category options evaluating the impact of planogram changes
  • Compare the category mix composition with competitor chains
  • Reduce in-store impact by implementing the already validated projects only
  • Engage brand stakeholders facilitating collaboration on category projects


  • Simulate new marketing concepts to be validated before implementation: new signage and displays, adv, POP material
  • Take advantage of high-quality 2D and 3D products for your social media and BTL strategies
  • Test how shoppers behave without impact on your stores
  • Conduct shopper research across different locations at the same time
  • Understand how shoppers evaluate private labels in order to find the most suitable pack, shelf placement and communication strategy


  • Run more engaging and immersive training sessions for your employees
  • Bring your company know-how to your employees, anywhere (no limits due to site location)


  • Design and test new store concepts preventing any kind of mistakes
  • Simulate the remodeling of existing stores or layouts before building them
  • Test how shoppers react to new store solutions before investing in their implementation: new layouts, signage, products shelf-positioning


  • Provide your Innovation Lab with state-of-the-art technology
  • Support the different business functions by providing them with disruptive technologies like immersive Virtual Reality
  • Let your company take advantage of an all-in-one enterprise system


  • Take advantage of product pictures all matching the same high-quality standards
  • Enhance the e-commerce product and shopping experience by embedding high-quality 3D products
  • Experiment your idea of v-commerce